Rebel Crusher

Rebel Crusher

The Rebel Crusher from your Local Construction Equipment Partner, Carolina CAT

Are you familiar with the Rebel Crusher? This impressive piece of construction equipment from R.R. Equipment Co. makes short work of crushing a wide variety of brittle materials. Capable of crushing concrete (with and without rebar), brick, asphalt, cinder blocks and many other materials, the Rebel Crusher is a great addition to any construction site. We are proud here at Carolina CAT to have been chosen as the official North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee distributor for the Rebel Crusher.

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Strong and Smart

The Rebel Crusher is strong, but it’s also smart. While it’s crushing your brittle construction materials, it can also be used to screen and filter your materials into up to four different stockpiles. This allow you to recuperate various qualities of aggregate and use them again. You save time and money since you don’t need to dispose of your waste or haul in new materials.

The Rebel Crusher is flexible and versatile and includes many useful features that make it easy to crush your construction materials for turning concrete to cash:

  • The ability to load the hopper using a variety of construction equipment, such as wheel loaders, excavators, skid steer loaders and other Cat® loading equipment.
  • Interchangeable screens of various opening sizes for screening multiple material piles, such as clean stone, pipe bedding and other scrap materials.
  • The removal of unwanted material that would otherwise render your waste unusable. You can use the Rebel Crusher’s prescreener for removing dirt and debris.
  • An integrated, self-cleaning magnet that removes all ferrous materials such as rebar and steel hardware, and lets you create a pile of scrap steel that can be sold and recycled.

Designed to handle big volumes of hard materials, the Rebel Crusher is sturdy and reliable and features easy-to-use controls. You can fire up the Rebel Crusher in the morning and run it all day to monetize your scrap. It will quickly pay for itself and become an important piece of equipment in your construction fleet.

Put your Waste Material to Good Use

Every bit of waste material that you dispose of costs you money, whether it’s due to disposal costs or failure to capture the value present in your waste. When you choose to use the Rebel Crusher to crush, screen and separate your construction materials into useable stockpiles, you’re maximizing your profits.

The Rebel Crusher is designed for maximum versatility and mobility and is easy to transport to your site. You can use just about any construction equipment with a bucket or loader, so you don’t need to invest in additional equipment. Swap out the replaceable screens as required to create the size and quality of stockpiles you want.

We’re excited to be offering this new piece of construction equipment to our Carolina CAT customers. Contact us today to learn more about the Rebel Crusher and find out how it can make your waste material handling easier and even earn you money. We can tell you more about the great features of the Rebel Crusher and give you more information on our various rental, leasing and financing options.

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