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You Could Be Losing up to 20% of Production Before an Operator Ever Notices


Maintaining efficient hydraulics is a key to maximizing machine productivity and profits. Custom Hydraulic Service (CHS) is a detailed inspection service available through Carolina Cat designed to keep today’s hydraulics-intensive machines operating at peak performance.

Recommended annually or every 2,000 hours, CHS inspections performed by Carolina Cat Technicians include:

  • Performance tests
  • Visual inspection checks
  • S.O.S Fluids Analysis
  • Corrective action recommendations

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Hydraulic Systems Can Suffer Undetected Performance Loss

Today’s hydraulic systems operate with higher pressures and tighter tolerances that demand attention to contamination control. Dirt and other contaminants allowed to enter the system accelerate parts wear. Along with higher service costs, premature wear also can cause a loss of performance that may go undetected for a long time. Custom Hydraulic Service inspections identify when a machine’s hydraulics aren’t performing up to par and enable corrective action to be taken.

                               Efficiency and Time Chart showing Hydraulic System Efficiency drop off point.

                             Comparison chart showing how a Hydraulic System with a higher efficiency can decrease time needed to complete the job

Given the same two pieces of equipment doing the same job, a system working at 80% effi ciency (Job A) requires three additional days of work, resulting in a major loss of productivity and a dramatic increase in operating costs.

CHS Inspections

Custom Hydraulic Service helps machine owners keep their hydraulic systems at peak efficiency. Recommended once a year or every 2,000 hours, CHS inspections performed by Carolina Cat Technicians include the following:

Performance Tests:

  • Engine performance
  • Hydraulic cylinder drift
  • Hydraulic system cycle times and pressure

Visual inspection checks:

  • Hydraulic system
  • Engine and cooling system
  • Cab
  • Electric system
  • Undercarriage
  • Ground Engaging Tools

S.O.S Fluids Analysis:

  • Extraction of oil sample from the hydraulic compartment
  • Analysis of oil sample to determine contamination level, physical properties, and wear material count

Correction action recommendations:
Carolina Cat will...

  • Analyze results of performance test, oil analysis, and visual inspection
  • Provide a detailed report
  • Recommend repairs if needed, as well as changes to maintenance schedule

Carolina Cat Defines World Class Hydraulic System Support

We offer you the right parts and service solutions, when and where you need them. Carolina Cat's highly trained experts keep your entire fleet up and running to maximize your equipment investment.

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