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Landfill Technologies for Your Cat® Landfill Equipment

If you're in the landfill business, you know that efficient use of your equipment is key to a healthy bottom line. Wasting time and fuel making multiple passes and failing to get the most out of your available space costs you money. Here at Carolina Cat, we are proud to offer Cat landfill compaction equipment to our customers. We know that the power, performance and reliability of Cat machines can't be beaten.

To make the most of your equipment and optimize your landfill operations, Landfill technologies from Trimble and Sitech are your best choice. They combine with factory-installed Cat Connect software and technologies to provide the user and owner/operator with tons of useful real-time data. With Landfill technologies, you can track equipment condition and landfill site data for maximum optimization:

  • Reduce the number of passes you make
  • Compact more waste in less space
  • Run your equipment at peak efficiency
  • Lower fuel consumption and costs
  • Spread waste more evenly and with optimal densities
  • Reduce machine wear and plan maintenance downtime

As with any fleet of construction or heavy-duty equipment, landfill equipment needs to be run at the right rate and operating conditions for maximum efficiency. You can get more done in the day when you take advantage of Landfill technologies to analyze real-time data and make corrections as you go.

Getting the Most Out of Your Equipment

There is an added benefit to using Landfill technologies for your heavy-duty Cat dozers, compactors and motor graders. Not only do you benefit from the savings related to more efficient and economical operation of your machines, but you also benefit from fewer breakdowns and machine wear. That means you can schedule maintenance for when it's convenient and get more hours out of your machines.

At the end of their lifecycle, your used machines will also retain more value on the secondhand market. At Carolina Cat, many of our customers have seen significant productivity gains at their landfill sites thanks to our impressive combination of Cat equipment and advanced Landfill technologies from Trimble and Sitech.

Give us a call or fill in our online contact form to request more information. Our helpful team has the knowledge and experience you need and can answer any questions you might have on the host of Landfill technologies we have to offer you. Revolutionize the way you spread, compress and compact the waste at your site and watch the positive effect on your bottom line.

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