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"Founded on honesty, hard work, conservative management, and family commitment, Carolina Tractor & Equipment Company was established in 1926 by L.M. Weisiger. “Mr. Les,” as he was known, became an engineer for the South Carolina State Highway Department after serving in the US Army during World War I. To meet the growing demand for new roads during the mid-1920s, he formed Weisiger Paving Company and later, in 1930, purchased the controlling interest of Carolina Tractor. Under his leadership, Carolina Tractor & Equipment Company experienced great success and growth. Weathering the Depression and expanding across the state of North Carolina, the company opened additional offices in Asheville, Charlotte, Hickory, and Greensboro. In 1965, Mr. Les turned the company over to his son, Ed I. Weisiger Sr. Mr. Les chaired the company board until his death in 1980; his wife, Katharine, then took over. True to its historical roots, Carolina Tractor & Equipment Company remains a local, family-owned company aligned with the interests of the customers it serves throughout North Carolina."

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