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Working Smart: Columbia Forest Products Achieves Higher Production with Fewer Employees

9/19/2016 - THE GREAT RECESSION CHANGED THE WORLD. At the Columbia Forest Products mill in Old Fort, North Carolina, increased efficiency was necessary to stay in business. Today, the mill processes as much wood as ever, but with 100 fewer employees.

Our CEO, Ed Weisiger Jr., won Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year!

6/26/2015 - The award recipients are Ed Weisiger Jr., president and CEO of CTE in Charlotte, in the family-business category; Casey Crawford, president and CEO of Movement Mortgage in Charlotte, in financial services; and D. Paul Thompson, chairman of Transportation Insight in Hickory, in services.

Customer Story: Sticks & Cones

4/28/2015 - What happened when the ice cream truck broke down at our shop? This is a cool customer story.

Safely Operating a Skid Steer Loader

3/30/2015 - Train your operators or refresh yourself on these safe operating procedures.

We now sell Weiler Concrete Mixers

3/2/2015 - We now carry Weiler concrete mixers under our paving division manufactured at Weiler in Knoxville, IA who already makes our road wideners, MTV’s, paver screeds, and others.

Knowledge is Power

2/3/2015 - Competition is tough out there in the forestry industry. Successful loggers are always trying to find ways to boost production and reduce expenses. The key to accomplishing both goals is having valuable information right when you need it.

Using Compact Equipment to Handle Big Jobs

2/2/2015 - For many jobs, there is no question if you’re going to use a small piece of equipment or not. There are many instances where compact machine is better suited for a job than a heavy piece of equipment.

12 Service Tips for Winter

1/27/2015 - Cold weather can be hard on machines. Here are some tips to keep your machines running in great condition during cold weather.

5 Fuel Efficiency Tips: Mini Excavator

1/5/2015 - Read how to save more fuel with your mini excavator with these 5 tips.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Work Tools During the Winter

12/2/2014 - With the brutal winter we’re about to have coming up (according to the Farmer’s Almanac), I thought it would be good for landscapers to know how to get the most out of their equipment and attachments.

Are You in the Landscaping Business?

12/2/2014 - Through spring, summer, fall and winter, Carolina CAT is your landscaping business’ best resource for innovative solutions to help you maintain project schedules, meet customer expectations and take your business to new heights.

10 Best Construction Apps

11/12/2014 - Navigating the sea of apps in the AppStore can be hard. In this article we collected some of the top construction apps for you.

New Quote Feature Available in PartStore™

11/7/2014 - Need to know pricing and availability of parts but not ready to order? Planning to order parts in the future and would like to lock in your price? PartStore now offers a Quote Feature that customers can use to generate their own parts quotes.

Evolution of the Caterpillar Logo

10/30/2014 - Did you know the heavy equipment manufacturer has changed their logo seven times since the original Caterpillar – like logo appeared in 1925? Check them out here.

2014-2015 Winter will be "Very Stormy"

10/30/2014 - Are you ready for winter? You better start now. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a rough and cold winter. Read all the details in this article.

3 Ways to Keep Your Paver Up and Running

10/23/2014 - Annual repair and maintenance of wear items is crucial to keeping your pavers operating at peak efficiency. Here are 3 items you need to know about.

Prevent Compactor Fires with these Simple Tips

8/28/2014 - Landfill Compactors are extremely valuable machines and we want to ensure they stay running. Here are several tips about avoiding compactor fires.

How to Care for Your Skid Steer

7/24/2014 - In this article we feature several video demonstrations on how to care for your skid steer.

All About Fuel Efficiency

6/11/2014 - Fuel costs have most likely risen to one of your highest expenses. In this article, you'll learn what we are doing to help your machines burn less fuel and save you money.

10 Safety Tips for Slopes

4/28/2014 - Slopes and steep conditions are everywhere. No matter what job you are working on these are 10 tips that can help keep you safe when operating a machine on steep faces. These precautions are simple, but effective.

The Best Skid Steer Tires

4/24/2014 - Your tires are what stand between your machine and the crazy, unpredictable conditions. Productivity and the life of your machine rely heavily on tires. Key differentiators are stability, agility, durability, and economy.

The Future of Construction - Technology Solutions

4/14/2014 - To successfully compete for bids, it is essential to demonstrate the use of advanced technology solutions from GPS to telematics to enhance productivity, efficiency and safety; reduce or eliminate cost overages; and reduce machine owning and operating costs.

Customer M.A. Stewart - Custom Backhoe Bucket

3/31/2014 - “All of my operators love the Cat machines,” he adds. “We have used others, but once I started buying Cat machines years ago, my operators don’t want use anything else. The operator comfort seems to be superior─all of my operators just love ‘em.”

Best Use of Compact Equipment

3/10/2014 - Which compact loader is best suited for which task? Find out in this article.

Think Big With Your Mini Excavator

3/5/2014 - With Cat’s Work Tool attachments, you’ll quickly find the capabilities for your Cat Mini Hydraulic Excavator are seemingly endless. Take a good look at the great suggestions in this article to learn more about getting the most out of your Mini Excavator.

5 Items You Won't Believe You Can Rent!

2/20/2014 - If you need to float an excavator on a barge, shovel lava, or complete any other crazy task, do NOT think “Too bad we can’t…” but think “I’m calling the Carolina Cat Rental Store. Their wide variety of rental equipment can do anything!”

Hydraulics Express Holds Open House in Charlotte

9/1/2013 - Hydraulics Express, a division of Carolina Cat, held an open house on Sept. 5 at its facility in Charlotte, N.C.

Cat 374DL Does the Heavy Lifting for Carolina Contractor

8/1/2013 - Digging Deep: Cat 374D L Excavator does the heavy lifting for Carolina contractor. Embarking on its biggest project, to date, B.R.S. Inc. knew it would require another excavator to lay 43,000 feet of large-diameter sewer pipe in Charlotte, NC.

Carolina Cat Takes Home "Best Power Systems Service" Award

5/1/2013 - At The Daniel Group’s “Service Connect” Las Vegas Conference held in late February, Carolina Cat’s Power Systems division was the recipient of the prestigious “Best Power Systems Service” award for 2012.

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