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Air Compressor Rentals

Compressed air is essential in construction, auto repair, manufacturing and other industries requiring pneumatic tools. A variety of industrial and agricultural processes, including cleaning, sandblasting and crop spraying, also rely on air compressors.

Whatever the task, the sudden failure of your air compressor can disrupt productivity and make it difficult to meet your goals. Fortunately, Carolina CAT can help. We rent industrial air compressors of various sizes and configurations by the day, week or month. Eight rental locations offer service and delivery throughout Western North Carolina. Visit our Locations page to find contact information for your local representative or fill out our online contact form.

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Lubricated and Oil-Free Air Compressor Rentals

The majority of industrial compressors are lubricated to reduce wear on movable parts. However, oil in these components can introduce contaminants into the air that are unacceptable in certain applications.

In addition to our comprehensive lineup of lubricated compressors, our rental fleet also includes several oil-free models. These units are suitable for use in clean rooms and manufacturing facilities with strict HACCP and other sanitary guidelines.

Our Rental Fleet

Our electric lubricated compressors range in size from 40 to 400 horsepower. Oil-free models are also electric powered and rated between 100 and 400 horsepower. Available models include:

  • Sullair 400HH
  • Atlas Copco XAVS 400
  • Atlas Copco XAVS 650
  • Atlas Copco XAS 1150
  • Atlas Copco XRVS 1000
  • Atlas Copco XRVS 1350
  • Atlas Copco XRVS 1550
  • Atlas Copco XAS 1800

All units feature low hours and are delivered in full working condition. Our team of expert technicians performs all required preventative service. We also take the time to inspect each rental before it is sent out to a job site. If you require your compressor for an extended period of time, we'll provide on-site maintenance as necessary, coordinating with you to keep downtime to a minimum while we work.

Why Rent a Cat Air Compressor?

Just as our compressors have multiple potential applications, there are several scenarios in which renting makes the most sense. Our clients rent from us to:

  • Use their preferred compressed air tools when working in a remote location
  • Stay productive when completing maintenance or repairs to an existing compressor
  • Increase their working capacity when bringing on additional short-term staff
  • Try out a potential purchase to see if it meets their requirements
  • Avoid the long-term commitment of leasing or financing new equipment
  • Stretch budgets further and get the best machine for the job

We’ll work with you to identify your requirements and put together a package containing everything you need. Our staff knows our rental fleet better than anyone and can match you with a unit that will deliver productivity at the lowest operating cost possible. We also rent a range of pneumatic tools and other accessories. 

Western North Carolina's Industrial Rental Experts

Carolina CAT has been a partner to construction crews and other clients throughout our state since 1926. We believe in developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we serve. That means selling, servicing and renting quality equipment when you need it most. If you’re looking to rent an air compressor in Western North Carolina, get in touch today to request a quote from your local experts.

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