Keeping streets and parking lots clean and debris-free is an ongoing challenge. It can also be a costly activity for municipalities, businesses and organizations working with tight operating budgets.

Carolina Cat can make this job much easier by offering a vast array of peak-performing used sweepers for sale. You'll get a reliable product at an affordable price and receive the top-notch service that's been a Carolina Cat hallmark for nearly a century.

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Used Sweepers From Trusted Manufacturers

At Carolina Cat, we've always strived to provide only the best equipment for our customers. Our used sweeper inventory can feature products from reputable manufacturers such as:

  • Mathieu: France-based Mathieu has been a major player in the street sweeping equipment market for more than 95 years. Mathieu's compact equipment line includes a host of innovative features that can help you complete the most challenging sweeping and cleaning tasks with ease.
  • Scarab: Scarab Sweepers has been a global leader in the design and manufacturing of productive municipal cleaning equipment since 1979. Scarab pioneered the development of the single-engine truck-mounted sweeper.
  • Ravo: The mid-size Ravo iSeries street sweepers have been a top choice for cleaning city streets around the world due to their ability to clean an area with a single pass.

At Carolina Cat, we take all the guesswork out of purchasing used equipment. Our used sweepers served as part of a rental fleet, ensuring they've received timely maintenance. We've also performed all the necessary upgrades to ensure they're in top condition.

We Provide Comprehensive Service After the Sale

When you buy used sweepers from Carolina Cat, you receive reliable support for as long as you own the equipment. We can provide all the replacement parts you need, and we'll be there to deliver prompt, reliable maintenance and repair service on request.

Explore Our Used Sweeper Inventory Today

Start your used sweeper search right now by browsing our inventory online or stopping by the Carolina Cat location near you for a closer look. You can also get additional product and pricing information by giving us a call at (800) 277-1212 or completing and submitting our contact form.

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