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Wheel misalignment is a significant problem in the trucking industry because it results in unsafe operation and increased owning and operating costs. Keeping heavy-duty commercial truck tires aligned prevents uneven wear and improves the way vehicles handle. You get more life out of your tires while profiting from increased fuel efficiency.

If you’re wondering, where can I find a dependable source for heavy-duty truck and semi-truck alignment near me, Carolina Cat Truck Centers has you covered. We offer fast and professional commercial truck alignment in Charlotte, NC and throughout the surrounding areas. Whether you’re an independent operator or own or manage a commercial fleet, we provide the quality services you’re looking for at competitive rates.

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When you partner with Carolina Cat for semi-truck alignment services, you benefit from the knowledge and experience of our professional technicians. We work on all makes, models and types of commercial vehicles, offering fast turnaround times and results you can rely on. We’ll conduct a thorough inspection to provide expert analysis of your truck’s condition and perform precision alignment using the latest computerized technology.Additional advantages of choosing our heavy-duty commercial truck alignment services include:

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Keeping your truck’s wheels aligned is critical to preventive maintenance. Typically, commercial truck alignments are scheduled two to three times a year, or after roughly 50,000 miles driven. Wheels can become misaligned faster due to driver habits, or as a result of impacts from potholes and bumpy or uneven terrain.

If you notice premature wear on your tires, steering wheel vibration or that your vehicle is starting to pull to one side of the road, it’s time to find the Carolina Cat heavy-duty truck alignment shop in your area.

Put semi-truck alignment services on a regular schedule to improve driving performance and lower long-term expenses. Contact us to schedule your appointment or to request to speak with a live representative.

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