The act of transferring torque from a heavy-duty truck’s transmission to its axles while continually adjusting to changing speeds, angles and lengths is an extremely stressful application for driveline components. If you’ve suffered damage or complete equipment failure, it’s crucial to find a commercial truck driveline repair shop near you that is fully equipped to meet your needs.

At Carolina Cat, we offer full-service solutions for keeping your trucks operating like new and on the road. Whether you’re looking for driveline truck services in Charlotte, North Carolina or any other part of our territory, we’re the single source for everything you require.

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Your Local Commercial Truck Driveline Repair Shop

When you choose Carolina Cat for heavy-duty and semi-truck driveline repairs, you benefit from quality services performed by our team of highly trained and certified technicians. We have experience working on all makes and models of light, medium and heavy vehicles. From our cutting edge equipment and facilities to our industry-leading technical expertise, we’re capable of quickly and efficiently diagnosing the problems you’re experiencing and providing the most cost-effective solution.

In addition to timely repairs, we also help replace drivelines for semi-trucks and heavy-duty trucks. We’re able to fabricate new drivelines to your exact specifications and offer seamless installation services, testing and more.

Additional reasons to choose us as your commercial truck driveline repair shop include:

  • An extensive inventory of premium replacement parts and materials
  • Carrier bearings and U-joint and CV-joint replacements
  • Advanced technologies and specialized tools for repairing drivelines
  • Full-service mounting, alignment, phasing and lubrication
  • Component rebuilds and custom fabrication services
  • Preventive maintenance and DOT inspections

Where Can I Go for Heavy-Duty Truck and Semi-Truck Driveline Repairs Near Me?

For nearly a century, Carolina Cat has been proudly serving the equipment sales and service needs of a broad range of local industries. We offer convenient locations for driveline truck services in Charlotte, NC and across the region.

Find a truck center in your area today or contact us online to request more information and assistance scheduling your driveline repairs.

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