Whether you’re an independent driver or the owner of a large commercial fleet, keeping your vehicles in compliance with all Department of Transportation and state regulations is essential to your success. When you fail to pass the standard criteria and are designated Out-of-Service by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, it can cost you thousands, not to mention the negative impact on your reputation.

If you’ve been looking for a source for DOT truck inspection near you, you’ve come to the right place. Carolina Cat provides commercial truck DOT inspections in Charlotte, North Carolina and throughout our service territory. Our goal is to ensure you are in line with regulations and to keep your vehicles on the road and operating safely. We’ll work with you to identify the support services that will fit your needs efficiently.

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Technician Inspecting Machinery

Experts in North American Standard DOT Truck and Trailer Inspections

At Carolina Cat, we strive to be your trusted source for commercial truck DOT inspections. Our highly trained team has experience performing North American Standard inspections for all types of medium and heavy-duty trucks. From examining driver and vehicle data to checking brakes, seat belts, tires, lights and a variety of other systems and requirements, we’ll make sure your truck meets strict guidelines and let you know what you need to do if it doesn’t.

Our DOT truck inspection locations also offer a variety of other options including walk-around driver and vehicle inspections, one-time inspections of specific systems and components and enhanced NAS inspection for radioactive shipments. We offer convenient scheduling and a fast turnaround to reduce downtime and lost productivity.

Where Can I Find a Carolina Cat DOT Truck Inspection Location Near Me?

We are a leading source for commercial truck DOT inspection in Charlotte, North Carolina, with additional locations to serve you throughout our territory. As a comprehensive source for all your commercial trucking needs, we provide full-service maintenance and repairs, rebuilds, replacement parts and more.

Find the Carolina Cat Truck Center in your area, or contact us online for assistance scheduling your DOT truck inspections today.
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