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20 ft
350 lb
2 ft 7.5 in
2,451 lb
25.75 ft


Low-Weight Lifts for Working Indoors

The Genie® GR™-20 is ideal for working on a wide range of different projects. These lifts are often used for reaching products on high shelving and accessing narrow workspaces at heights. They are a much safer alternative than using ladders or scaffolding, faster to deploy and a popular choice for applications in numerous fields and job sites, such as:

Maneuverable Vertical Lifts for Rent

Genie® Runabout® GR™-20 lifts are made for working in crowded areas. You can use them to easily navigate warehouse floors and aisles or move through doorways — all while riding onboard. A GR™-20 will even fit into most passenger elevators for rapid movement between different floors.

Key specifications:

The GR-™20 rentals in our fleet have other features, advantages and benefits that contribute to their performance and versatility, like a 140-degree rotating jib, 350-degree turntable and zero-degree turning radius. They can move when fully extended and have intuitive controls that make it easy to position the machine and achieve precise up-and-over access.

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