Advanced Technology at Your Service

Getting the most out of your Cat construction and heavy-duty equipment  means maximizing your performance and efficiency while respecting the environment and ensuring the safety of your crews. To give you handy and practical control over how you run your worksite, Caterpillar has a combination of technology-based services and utilities that gives you real-time information and control over all your equipment.


Carolina Cat provides four unique services that combine to offer the most powerful construction equipment technology suite on the market today:

  1. Track the day-to-day use of your equipment, including location, fuel burn, maintenance status and fluid contamination so you can optimize the usage and performance of your fleet for increased efficiency and reduced costs.
  2. Control your bottom line with Cat Productivity technology that highlights opportunities to improve accuracy, consistency and productivity in how you use your equipment. You can reduce rework and create better working practices that save you time and effort.
  3. The Safety service allows you to track various safety-related parameters, such as tire pressures and speeds. It allows you to remotely control certain equipment functions in difficult terrain and conditions to reduce the risks of accidents for your crew.
  4. Since every customer, equipment fleet and job site is unique, these technology services can be adapted to your requirements. They allow you to personalize each of the four services and focus on what you need to run your business properly.


Here at Carolina Cat, we’re proud to offer this powerful group of technology services. They communicate with your equipment and keep you and your operators constantly informed of all the performance, efficiency and security parameters you need to optimize your work. Contact our team today and we can tell you more about how you can benefit from our technology services and extract the most out of your equipment.