Benchmark Assessments

The performance and profitability of any construction company that makes use of heavy-duty equipment rest on many variables — from the health of assets to how they’re deployed. And while you might give these aspects of your company some thought from time to time, how do you actually decide if operational changes are needed to bring in even higher returns? What’s more: How do you select which specific areas to change and then assess whether the results of those changes lead to actual improvements?

Many construction companies — caught up in the everyday challenges of submitting bids, completing work and meeting deadlines — only consider change as an afterthought to some unfavorable incident. In this hindsight approach, a change — oftentimes guided by a gut instinct — is either immediately adopted as the new way to do things or eventually forgotten in favor of how things were done in the past. Unfortunately, neither outcome tends to yield measurable results or the type of buy-in necessary to institute meaningful improvements.

Yet considering the competitive nature of today’s construction projects, it’s critical that your company is 100 percent efficient. Fortunately, Caterpillar® Productivity Services are here to assist you in this endeavor. By employing the latest Cat® technology, equipment data and trained expertise, we’re able to supply you with the meaningful feedback and insights you’re looking for to run your business in an ever more effective and productive manner.


What a Caterpillar Benchmark Assessment Can Do for You

With a Caterpillar Benchmark Assessment, you’ll get a customized report that analyzes factors crucial to the operation of your business. From the overall productivity of your worksite to the operation of your equipment, a Benchmark Assessment will allow you to establish a baseline, identify opportunities for improvement and then institute focused change with a way of measuring its progress.

Check out the following benefits you’ll enjoy with a Benchmark Assessment:

  • Specialist evaluation: Your Cat dealer application specialist conducts a comprehensive assessment of your resource allocations, equipment health, site productivity and operations. Or, if you prefer, you can have your own personnel complete the assessment by downloading and using the Cat Inspect app.
  • Flexible approach: Focus on what you want assessed. With a flexible step-by-step approach, your needs and the areas you want more feedback on are addressed.
  • Objective process: By using the cumulative experience of conducting numerous assessments, we’ve ensured that the entire process is highly consistent, which provides the delivery of fair results that you can count on to be objective.
  • Benchmark establishment: Your data is collected and organized to establish a baseline from which improvement can be measured and its impact determined.
  • Customized report: You get full access to a customized report that analyzes all collected data to identify specific opportunities where change to operations, site conditions and/or fleet design can yield higher returns.

Take the guesswork out of change. Let Benchmark Assessments show you where and how to measure your company’s improvements.

Find Your Baseline and Make Meaningful Changes With Carolina Cat

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