Operator Training

Regardless of how much you invest in maintaining and servicing your fleet, if your operators aren’t up to speed on the latest techniques and skills necessary for the safe operation of equipment, your employees, your fleet and ultimately your business can pay a heavy price.

As a matter of fact, according to the Journal of Safety Research, backhoes and trucks are responsible for approximately half of worksite fatalities. And for both heavy equipment operators as well as farm workers, rollovers are the leading cause of job-related deaths.

The good news is that with Cat® Productivity Services, you can choose from various educational formats to get your operators the Caterpillar® Operator Training they need to hone their skills and reach their full potential. And as anyone who has been around enough worksites knows, with the proper training and confidence to safely operate heavy machinery, operators can accomplish more, boost overall productivity and save your company from costly mishaps.

When it comes to potential savings, heavy equipment operator training has an ROI that’s hard to beat. Especially since the Bureau of Labor Statistics annually records nearly 100,000 private-sector injuries related to machinery operation, with a quarter of those incidents resulting in 30 or more lost days of work. In addition to lost productivity and higher insurance costs, accidents due to inadequate training can also have an unseen cost on your company’s overall morale as well as its ability to recruit new talent.


Why Cat Operator Training?

Arranging for proper operator training is one of the most prudent choices you can make to ensure a safe and productive worksite. But why choose Cat Operator Training? The answer is straightforward: Because Caterpillar prides itself on providing world-class equipment and first-class service to its customers, our Operator Training is designed with the same amount of attention to detail that we put into every one of our machines.

From helping you practice tricky maneuvers to acquainting you with new machines, there’s not a skill we miss in our curriculum. Here are just a few reasons that Cat Operator Training makes sense for all your employees, from entry-level hires to seasoned professionals:

  • Online learning: Our online eLearning courses allow busy workers to train when their schedules allow it. For maximum convenience combined with thorough content knowledge, online learning is a great option.
  • Simulation training: With Cat Simulator training, you can train just like you’re at the controls while taking advantage of virtual technology to help you hone your skills.
  • Instructor-led training: Whether on your own site, at your Cat dealership or at a Caterpillar Learning Center, an instructor-led training is a highly productive way to get the operational know-how you’re looking for.

As you can see, Cat Operator Training is all about tailoring an instructional method and curriculum to fit your needs. We provide the freedom and convenience of choice so that everyone gets the instruction they need.

Be Safer and More Productive With Carolina Cat

For over 95 years, we’ve been helping our customers be productive and safe throughout the most challenging jobs. We can do the same for your employees. To learn more about Operator Training and our entire line of Productivity Services, fill out our contact form or call 1-800-277-1212.