Sleep Profile Reporting

You work hard to be sure your fleet is well-maintained and ready to go at the start of every shift. So what about your operators? How much of your business is riding on their shoulders to come to work rested and ready to go every day? Wouldn’t it be smart to have a method of knowing who’s ready to work and who might be at risk due to insufficient rest?

When it comes to the importance of rest for your equipment operators, research shows that sleep deprivation can result in a number of issues that could have damaging effects on safety, productivity and equipment. In fact, insufficient or low-quality sleep can decrease workers’ abilities to communicate, perform and remember.

At the same time, workers who are tired suffer from poorer moods and are more prone to be distracted and make errors. Probably the most telling statistic is the fact that after a little more than 20 hours without sleep, an operator’s control and responses are just as impaired as those of someone with a 0.08 alcohol level in their blood — that’s legally drunk. Clearly, your company, your fleet and the health of your workers depend a great deal on the safe operation of heavy-duty equipment.

If you saw someone operating recklessly, you’d take corrective action immediately. But why wait until a safety issue arises? What if you could be proactive and give workers well-timed breaks before they suffer from fatigue or distraction?

Fortunately, with advanced Cat® Connect technology and Safety Services, you can be informed of dangerous situations before they spin out of control and pose a critical threat to operations, productivity and your company’s success. And when it comes to monitoring operators’ sleep habits, there’s no better use of technology than combining Cat Smartbands with Sleep Profile Reporting.

Encourage Operator Performance With Caterpillar® Sleep Profile Reporting

Imagine empowering employees to develop better sleep habits and manage their own fatigue before it becomes a critical issue. At the same time, how would you like to have access to fatigue reports by groups or dates to see if worksite conditions or scheduling are affecting performance? Now you can do all of this with Sleep Profile Reporting. Here’s how it works:

  • Capture sleep data: Cat Smartbands allow employees to measure both the quantity and quality of sleep they’re getting.
  • Sync data: The data from the wrist monitors is automatically synced to a secure Cat cloud server, where it’s used to calculate effectiveness scores. Due to privacy issues, each individual’s data is protected.
  • Shift prediction: Before a worker’s shift begins, your operators can review their profile and see when they’re predicted to be most alert as well as at risk of fatigue, allowing better management of breaks.
  • Monitoring: Through the Cat Monitoring Center, onsite supervisors are alerted if any operators reach a critical fatigue condition while working so that appropriate action can be taken.
  • Analysis: A Caterpillar Safety Advisor analyzes your group’s data to inform, educate and make recommendations on how to better manage fatigue.

Let Carolina CAT Help You Raise Fatigue Awareness

At Carolina CAT, we’re not just about supplying world-class equipment. We’re also concerned with forging lasting relationships with the contractors that use our equipment. That’s why we offer Safety Services designed to protect you and your investments.

To learn more about Sleep Profile Reporting and how it can support safer operation of your fleet, fill out our contact form or call 1-800-277-1212 right away.