VisionLink® Unified Suite

VisionLink Unified Suite continues the Caterpillar® commitment to developing technology and machinery that works smarter and harder. With VisionLink, a secure online and mobile application that’s accessible from your desktop, tablet, phone or notebook, you can access real-time information for managing, maintaining and monitoring your equipment — whether it’s from Cat® or another trusted manufacturer.


What Is VisionLink Unified Suite?

In 2008, VisionLink transformed worksites across the world. Now, it’s revitalizing them all over again. VisionLink Unified Suite delivers enhanced performance and speed, as well as robust features that streamline asset monitoring and fleet management for increased productivity and decreased costs.

The comprehensive suite includes four applications. It also has familiar tools, including:

  • Equipment history
  • Equipment hours, location and fuel usage
  • Equipment fault codes, productivity and health
  • And more!

Whether you’re a small, medium or large company, VisionLink Unified Suite helps you do more.

VisionLink Unified Suite Applications

The four applications that VisionLink Unified Suite arrives with include:

  • VisionLink Unified Fleet: Access and manage data from your mixed fleet of equipment through the easy-to-use interface of VisionLink Unified Fleet. Available information includes machine hours, idle times, fuel usage, location and more. Boost your team’s productivity and reduce operating, maintenance and ownership costs with this application.
  • VisionLink Unified Service: Oversee and ensure the performance of your machinery with VisionLink Unified Service. This program provides you with the tools to schedule maintenance, create planned maintenance alerts and review service history so that your equipment’s always at optimum performance.
  • VisionLink Unified Productivity: Maximize and streamline productivity with the VisionLink Unified Productivity application. With this app, your team can keep budgets and projects on track by checking equipment run, idle and working times, as well as monitoring payloads, cycle times and load counts.
  • VisionLink Administrator: Connect and configure your VisionLink Unified Suite applications with VisionLink Administrator. By using this program, your team can create and manage projects, notifications, reports, fleet assets and more.

With these four applications and more in development, you’ll have access to a range of possibilities.

Benefits of VisionLink Unified Suite

Advantages of incorporating the application into your worksites include the fact that it is:

  • Mobile-friendly: Operators and foremen in the field need quick, easy access to VisionLink applications, which is why VisionLink Unified Suite is mobile-friendly. Teams can view critical data on-the-go with their smartphones or tablets.
  • Cost-effective: Within five weeks, VisionLink Unified Suite can provide savings that range from 16 to 38 percent by increasing productivity and efficiency. It also helps by eliminating the time-sink that tasks like data review and maintenance scheduling can cause without the assistance of a program like VisionLink Unified Service.

Additional benefits that carry over from the original VisionLink include that it helps with:

  • Generating faster responses and project times
  • Identifying training opportunities
  • Increasing worksite safety and equipment life
  • Eliminating project downtime and the need for budget increases

Maximize Performance with VisionLink Unified Suite

Ready to do more with VisionLink Unified Suite? At Carolina Cat, we’ve helped business across western North Carolina increase their performance with Cat machinery and technology for more than 95 years. No matter your fleet size or your equipment’s manufacturers, this suite of applications and our team of experts can handle the job.