Temperature Control

Temperature Control Rentals

Heating and cooling systems are vital for generating comfortable work environments and protecting materials and equipment from damage. There are many types of temperature control machines you can invest in to keep your warehouse and its equipment as warm or cool as needed.

At Carolina Cat, we carry numerous temperature control devices for rent, including air conditioners, chillers, heaters and dehumidifiers. We’re committed to providing our customers with the highest-value equipment solutions accompanied by superior parts and service.


We carry a comprehensive line of 5- to 80-ton air conditioning rentals that you can use to keep your factory or commercial space cool year-round. These devices remove heat and humidity from the air, transferring them to the outdoor environment and channeling cooled air into the indoor space.

Industrial air conditioning units are suited for numerous applications, including:

  • Data room cooling
  • Comfort cooling
  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Entertainment and event planning

You can browse our A/C rentals to find the unit that best suits your needs.




Chillers are essentially industrial air conditioners that generate chilled water to dehumidify and cool buildings that are prone to excessive heat. In removing this heat, chillers keep workers cool while ensuring that all electrical and mechanical equipment remains within a specific thermal limit to prevent malfunctions or failure.

Carolina Cat carries 30- to 510-ton industrial chillers that you can implement into the following applications:

  • Data room cooling
  • Comfort cooling for offices and plants
  • Backup power
  • Switchgear replacements or interruptions
  • Process cooling for manufacturing purposes
  • Entertainment projects with large temporary structures
  • Backup power or switchgear replacements

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You can find reliable industrial and commercial dehumidifier rentals at Carolina Cat that set the standard for quality and performance. The purpose of this equipment is to remove water molecules from the ambient air by taking in moisture, condensing it as the air cools and delivering dry, reheated air into the environment. This process helps commercial and industrial facilities maintain product quality, preserve building integrity and manage indoor air conditions.

Some of the many applications of dehumidifiers include:

  • Restoration work
  • Manufacturing
  • Tank lining
  • Commercial construction
  • Coating contractors

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Our industrial heaters are the ideal solution for job sites that experience temperature drops during the winter season. These machines convert electrical currents into heat, offering precision temperature control, heat distribution and combustion. With a heater rental in your facility, you can experience greater climate control during even the coldest months.

Heaters like our rental units are ideal for:

  • Concrete curing
  • Human comfort
  • Manufacturing
  • Tank lining
  • Coating contractors
  • Commercial construction

You can find a machine that serves your industrial heating needs on our heater rental page.



Explore Temperature Control Rental Solutions at Carolina Cat Today

You can equip your facility or commercial space with high-performing temperature control rentals from Carolina Cat. We take quality seriously, which is why we never sell equipment that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our company has spent over 95 years providing our customers with Cat® products and other trusted brands that reflect our performance and reliability standards.

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