When it comes to operating heavy-duty trucks and trailers that can weigh more than 16 tons, it’s crucial to ensure the braking system is functioning correctly. Even a minor problem affecting braking performance can lead to significant safety concerns. If you’re looking for a reliable source for heavy-duty and semi-truck brake repairs in Charlotte, NC or across our service territory, Carolina Cat offers a full range of solutions to meet your needs.

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Local Experts in Semi-Truck Brake Repair

Our highly trained team of mechanics and technicians have experience working on all makes and models of commercial vehicles. We perform accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting to identify problems and assess damages to determine the fastest and most efficient solution. Whether your truck needs new brake shoes due to regular wear and tear, or it has a failing air tank or a broken component, we’re fully equipped to quickly repair your vehicle.

Our goal is to provide semi-truck brake repair solutions that save you time and money. We offer:

  • Component repairs, remanufacturing and replacement
  • Custom welding and fabrication services
  • Extensive inventory of truck brake repair parts and supplies
  • Complete brake system overhauls

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It’s never a convenient time to realize you’re having trouble with your brakes, but ignoring the problem can lead to more severe damages, costly repairs and hazardous operating conditions. In addition to conducting regular inspections and bringing your trucks in for service at factory-recommended intervals, the following is a shortlist of indicators that tell you it’s time to find a semi-truck brake repair:

  • The sound of screeching and grinding when coming to a stop or accelerating
  • Visual signs of uneven wear on tires, brake pads and rotors
  • Noises such as knocking or clicking when making tight turns
  • Exaggerated wheel vibrations and pulling to the side when braking

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We’re proud to offer competitive prices on top-quality heavy-duty truck brake repairs in Charlotte, NC and across the regionContact us for more information and to schedule your visit today.

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