RV Alignment

When it comes to driving a vehicle as large and heavy as the typical RV, ensuring the wheels are correctly aligned is critical to safety and handling performance. A misaligned suspension means the wheels are not connecting to the road at the proper angle. The result is the vehicle dragging to the right or left, leading to premature tire wear, increased driver fatigue and potential damage to related components.

If you’re wondering where you can find an RV alignment shop you can rely on, look no further than Carolina Cat. Our experienced team will work fast to get your wheels pointing in the right direction to lower your long-term maintenance costs, improve fuel economy and avoid costly suspension repairs.

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Fast and Accurate RV Wheel Alignment

Carolina Cat has the expertise and specialized equipment to perform wheel alignments on recreational vehicles. We work on all different makes and models of Class A to Class C motorhomes and provide a fast turnaround to restore wheels to a straighter roll position. We’ll make sure your RV tires are adjusted to the optimal angle based on your particular vehicle.

We offer:

  • DOT heavy-duty truck inspections
  • Accurate diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Suspension maintenance and repairs
  • Convenient locations to serve you

Scheduling Your RV Alignment

In Charlotte, North Carolina and throughout our territory, Carolina Cat is a trusted source for quality equipment, parts and services. From our experienced team of skilled technicians to our excellent facilities and technical capabilities, we’re a leading choice among RV alignment shops in the region.

If it’s been over 50,000 miles since your last RV front-end alignment, or if you’ve noticed drifting or that you need to replace tires with increased frequency, it’s time to visit the professionals at Carolina Cat.

Visit our location in your area today to get RV wheel alignment near you. For more information and assistance scheduling your services, contact us online or call to speak with a live representative.





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