Heavy-Duty Truck Brake Drum Repair

Due to the frequency of use and importance of brake systems in heavy-duty semi-trucks, performing preventive maintenance and timely repairs should be a top priority for anyone who drives, owns or manages commercial vehicles. Like many parts, brake drums are only built to last a variable amount of time depending on use and other operating conditions before they need to be serviced or replaced.

If you’ve been asking, where should I go for brake drum repairs near me, Carolina Cat is a trusted and reliable local source. Our experienced team is here to help you identify the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for ensuring your truck’s brake system will perform correctly and pass all DOT and state inspections.

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Commercial Truck Brake Drum Repair in Charlotte, NC and Throughout Our Territory

If you notice a decrease in braking effectiveness or that your vehicle pulls to one side, vibrates or makes noise when braking, it’s critical to find out what the problem is and fix it as soon as possible. When you partner with us for heavy-duty truck brake drum repair, our knowledgeable technicians will perform inspections at regular intervals to determine the condition of your brake components and spot potential issues.

While in some circumstances only minor maintenance or repair is in order, such as for cleaning or turning the drum, signs of a significant crack in the friction area or loose or broken parts mean you need a replacement. Carolina Cat provides full-service commercial truck brake drum repairs and will quickly and accurately install a new drum to OEM specifications. We work on all different makes of trucks, including older models, and provide a fast turnaround to eliminate downtime and loss of productivity.

Partnering With Us for Heavy-Duty Semi-Truck Brake Drum Repair

Carolina Cat is a leading source for brake drum repair in Charlotte, North Carolina and the surrounding areas. With nearly a century of local experience, we provide quality replacement parts and services and go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

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