Heavy-Duty Truck Fan Hub Repair

The fan hub assembly plays an integral roll in keeping the fan drive, or fan clutch, in place so it can maintain the optimalĀ speed to keep diesel engines cool during operation. If you’re experiencing trouble with your cooling system or detect a problem with the fan clutch, it’s time to take your vehicle to the professionals at Carolina Cat. We are experts in commercial truck fan hub repair and also provide aĀ complete range of replacement partsĀ and services.

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Semi-Truck Fan Hub Repair in Charlotte, NC and Beyond

A damaged fan clutch hub assembly can stop productivity in its tracks. At Carolina Cat, we provide fast, cost-effective solutions for keeping your commercial vehicles functioning correctly. We offer heavy-duty truck fan hub repairs for all different models of equipment. From a bent or cracked assembly to a failing on/off fan drive, we’ll accurately diagnose the problem and fix it as efficiently as possible.

If your fan hub is beyond repair, we can replace it for you. We carry an extensive inventory of new, used and remanufactured parts, including premium fan hub assemblies, modules, clutches, probes and more. You’ll benefit from quality products at competitive prices and expert installation to ensure lasting durability.

Where Can I Go for Reliable Fan Hub Repairs Near Me?

Since 1926, Carolina Cat has been a go-to source for equipment, parts and services for businesses throughout the region. We provide fan hub repair in Charlotte, NC and at multiple other locations across our territory along with a full range of additional truck services. As a full-service dealer, we offer:

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance
  • Fleet repair and service contracts
  • Complete parts and shop supplies
  • 24/7 emergency service and support

Schedule Your Commercial Truck Fan Hub Repair Today

We strive to take as much of the time, worry and expense out of maintaining and repairing heavy-duty trucks as possible by getting things right the first time. FindĀ the Carolina Cat nearest youĀ andĀ get in touchĀ to schedule your fan hub repair in Charlotte, NC or at one of our other locations.

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