Measuring Tape

Accuracy in any job starts with the right measuring tools. That's why Carolina Cat carries a variety of professional-grade tape measures and related products. Built tough enough to stand up to the rigors of the job, our products are ideal for construction, woodworking, landscaping and other applications.



26ft Measuring Tape

26 ft yellow tape
Auto retract

The best construction tape measures typically include extra-wide, two-sided blades for improved readability, nylon coating for corrosion resistance and auto-locking functionality, and other premium features not found on consumer-grade products. Together, these features help you quickly take accurate measurements on the job site, increasing your productivity while maintaining high standards for quality work.

See the difference for yourself by buying a construction tape measure from Carolina Cat today. As a partner to contractors throughout Western North Carolina, we stock a range of items built to meet the demands of your profession. Find the right tape measure for your job by browsing our inventory online, or contact us directly for assistance.


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