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Excavator Rentals

Efficient and effective excavating takes the right mix of equipment performance and capability. Hampering your operation with the wrong excavator can slow you down and affect the quality of your final result. If you don’t have the right excavator for the job you’re doing, purchasing a new machine isn’t your only option. Avoid the cost and hassle of extra equipment ownership by opting for equipment rental from Carolina Cat.

Why Choose a Cat® Excavator Rental?

Choosing an excavator rental instead of purchasing one outright is a great solution for many businesses. In some cases, it’s an opportunity to try out a certain model before purchasing. It can also help you avoid the costs of repairing and storing your fleet.

We carry a fleet of excavator rentals ranging from nimble compact models to class-leading large models that adapt to your job site. You can choose to rent an excavator for a number of reasons:

  • To replace a broken or out-of-service excavator
  • In case of an emergency job or last-minute project
  • To try out equipment before deciding to make a purchase
  • To add capability as your business grows

Whatever your reasons for renting, we’re confident we have the solution for your application. Don’t suffer with inadequate equipment or the wrong excavator for the job any longer.


Cat Excavator Rentals That Exceed Your Expectations

Satisfying your customers is the key to success in the construction and heavy equipment industry. That’s why our entire Carolina Cat team is focused on your satisfaction and carries the reliable and proven Cat brand of excavators for rental.

Your productivity is all about having the right equipment. An excavator rental can help a variety of industries from construction to landscaping to agriculture. These rugged machines provide exceptional power and maneuverability. Our mini excavator models can help you tackle smaller spaces while larger hydraulic Cat excavator rentals can dig more, reach longer and offer more flywheel power.

When you choose an excavator rental near you, you’re getting:

  • Class-leading performance and capability
  • Proven Cat equipment reliability and dependability
  • Precision ergonomic controls
  • Fuel-saving engine technology
  • Efficiency and productivity tools through Cat Technology
  • A fully-serviced machine ready to be put to work

At Carolina Cat, our excavator rental rates are extremely competitive and get you into the leading excavators on the market. Come and discover why more local customers are choosing Carolina Cat as their source for all of their heavy equipment and construction rental needs. You can choose any of our convenient locations and be sure you’re getting the same professional service and attention to detail.

Working With Our Team

Do you already know which type of excavator you need for short, medium or long-term rental? Is it a compact model to work in tight spaces or a larger model for moving huge amounts of earth and material quickly? For every need, there’s a Cat excavator rental, so fill in our online contact form to request more information or to obtain a quote.

Our team will study your needs and propose the right equipment for your job. Let us share our product knowledge and industry experience with you to streamline your operations and save you hassle. We know your equipment investment dollars are limited, so don’t tie all of your cash up in equipment you don’t need every day. Instead, rent an excavator for your temporary needs to improve your capability and give greater value to your customers.

When you come to Carolina Cat for an excavator rental near you, you’re getting the best heavy equipment we have to offer. We test all of our equipment before it ends up in your hands to ensure it meets our standards of optimal performance. If your excavator rental should break down or simply need preventive maintenance, our service technicians can help. You don’t have to worry about costly repairs or downtime with Carolina Cat on your side.

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We look forward to hearing from you, so let us know how we can help. Our experienced personnel will respond to you quickly and tell you more about our competitive Cat excavator rental options. Harness the power of proven Cat equipment and benefit from the performance, reliability and efficiency of our fully-serviced excavators. Stop in at one of our locations and browse our Cat excavator rental inventory, or contact us today for more information.