How to Plan for Construction Site Power Outages in North Carolina

A power outage can unexpectedly halt progress on your construction site at any time…and it’s more common than you may think. For example, from 2015 to 2019, North Carolina ranked sixth among all U.S. states for the longest average annual electrical outage duration. It’s not uncommon for Duke Energy, the state’s largest electricity provider, to […]

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Carolina Cat Offering Industrial Engine Service

Cat® engines give you the best in durability, performance and efficiency, providing the most valuable power for your industrial equipment. Keep your Cat engines running at their strongest with proper maintenance and repair so that your equipment keeps performing at its best. Whether your engine drives a machine that works in construction, forestry, agriculture or compressed […]

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Preparing Your Job Site for Extreme Weather

Severe weather conditions can pose serious safety hazards on the construction site. Though you can’t control the weather, there are numerous ways you can prepare for it. When you create an emergency response plan for your construction site, you can ensure that you have the proper measures in place to keep workers and machinery safe […]

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