At Carolina Cat, we’ve been helping our customers meet their production and safety requirements for well over 95 years. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to the many features and benefits offered by the new lineup of Cat Advansys ground engaging tools — also referred to as GET.

If you operate a wheel loader, hydraulic excavator or another heavy-duty bucket-equipped machine in a high-production environment, any downtime can be costly. Whether it’s to change damaged teeth on a bucket or complete repairs on a machine that’s been pushed to its limit, you simply can’t afford to let your machines sit idle when there’s work to be done and production quotas to meet.

Fortunately, with Caterpillar Advansys GET, there’s a better way to meet production goals without sacrificing the safety of your operators or the proper care of your Cat equipment. Developed with high-production environments in mind, Cat Advansys technology faces the challenges you regularly deal with on the worksite and turns them into opportunities for your business to advance to a whole new level of efficiency.

Features and Benefits of the Cat Advansys System

Cat Advansys GET

As you can expect from Caterpillar equipment, there are several distinct benefits to choosing Cat Advansys technology:

  • With exclusive adapter and tip features, you get the most productive system possible.
  • Thanks to the robust adapters, it delivers enhanced reliability.
  • Removal and installation are hammerless due to a 3/4″ retainer lock that doesn’t require any special tools to operate.
  • With the integrated retention components, you enjoy simplified installation without any retainers or pins.
  • Because K Series adapters fit into the same space as Advansys adapters, upgrading and retrofitting are easy.
  • An advanced adapter nose design results in stronger noses, with 50% stress reduction.
  • You only have to request one part number when ordering a new set of tips.

Why wait any longer to get the ease of use as well as the productivity and efficiency you need on your worksite? For more information about Cat Advansys technology, please contact us today. Our customer service representatives are standing by to answer all of your questions.