SITECH Construction Technology Solutions

Cat construction, mining and heavy-duty equipment is known around the world for its performance and reliability. The suite of Cat Technologies adds tracking, monitoring and diagnostics capabilities that further enhance how you use your equipment and improve efficiency, productivity and safety. To take things one step further for your mining operations, at Carolina Cat, we also offer you the powerful SITECH Construction Technology Solutions. These tools are designed to optimize every aspect of your mining and construction equipment and extract even more value from your fleet.

SITECH technologies are centered on three well-designed tools, each with their own advantages:

  • AccuGrade
  • Landfill
  • Intelligent Compact


Based on onboard GPS technology, AccuGrade improves the accuracy of your leveling and

grading operations. When you grade right the first time, you waste less time correcting or reworking. You can optimize equipment usage and scheduling so you meet your deadlines.

Equip your entire fleet of excavators, scrapers, dozers, compactors, pavers and more so every step of your grading and road working is done with the greatest accuracy. Standard AccuGrade installations can be upgraded with advanced features such as angle sensors, sonic trackers, laser receivers and a whole host of other tools, depending on your grading needs.


SITECH’s Landfill technologies interface with Cat technology and allow for constant surveying of your landfill operations. You’ll get information on loads, pressures, passes and other important parameters necessary to optimize your landfill equipment. You can also track equipment locations and positions to create safe working zones.

For improved visibility and communication for your entire team, Landfill’s interface is available in the cab of your equipment and relayed to your office computer or device so everyone has access to the same information. You don’t need to be at your site to know what’s going on with your equipment thanks to Cat and SITECH.

Intelligent Compact


To make the best use of your equipment for material compaction and paving, Intelligent Compact technologies combine advanced

measurement and in-cab guidance. This real-time information allows you to tweak your material compaction as you go, instead of discovering at the end of a job that your compaction needs rework.

You can reduce the number of passes necessary, saving time and money. You can also guarantee greater uniformity for a better result that will last longer. You’ll have more control over your compaction equipment and spend less time trying to determine if your compaction has been done properly.

Contact us today here at Carolina Cat and we’ll answer any questions you might have about SITECH Construction Technology Solutions available for your Cat-technology-equipped construction and grading equipment.


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