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If you're looking for used trailers with power and reliability, Carolina Cat has just what you need. Whether you're clearing drain lines or cleaning up a job site, we offer a broad selection of high-performance trailers from leading brands. Check out our inventory to find the equipment you need at the competitive prices you want.

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Buy Used Trailers at Carolina Cat

Industrial trailers are practical and portable pieces of industrial equipment for any job. Attach any of our trailers to your vehicle and take it wherever your business needs to go. From cleaning up construction sites to recovering from severe storm damage, used trailers from your local Cat® dealer are up to any challenge. Our equipment comes in many styles, so we have an option for any application.

Hydro Excavators

Hydro excavation trailers, also known as jetters, use high-pressure water for multiple purposes. Whether you're unblocking a clogged drain, clearing a debris-filled sewer line or cleaning a construction site, jetters will get the job done. The pressurized water stream dislodges debris without damaging pipes or infrastructure. Plus, the trailer-mounted hydro excavation system's portability allows you to reach previously inaccessible lines and locations.

Air Excavators

Similar in purpose to jetters, air excavation trailers use compressed air instead of pressurized water to disturb debris or unclog lines. Air excavators are valuable tools used to excavate soil and collect unearthed materials for disposal or reuse. This equipment is faster, more efficient and less labor-intensive than hand-excavation equipment like shovels. Air excavation is also safe for drains and underground utilities, allowing you to locate and work around sensitive apparatuses safely.


Vacuum trailers are compact, powerful pieces of equipment. You can use them to remove solid, liquid and mixed debris from any location. Popular uses include leaf collection, construction clean-up, and potholing or keyholing. Vacuums pair well with air excavation techniques to find, clear and handle underground utilities. What's more, vacuum trailers' mobility and agility deliver high performance in any location.

Benefits of Buying Used Trailers With Carolina Cat

When you shop with Carolina Cat, you know you're getting the best selection of trailers throughout Western North Carolina. We inspect, test and service each piece of equipment to verify its quality. Our certified technicians are also available for your planned maintenance and other service needs. You'll get the power and reliability you need for your business at competitive prices that keep operational costs low.

The products you see in our online inventory are available for immediate purchase, so you can get started without lead times. Used equipment comes ready for anything. When you buy from Carolina Cat, you're getting access to our broad selection of replacement parts, 24/7 parts ordering and our dedicated customer service team. We also offer free quotes and flexible financing options for the used equipment you need.

Used Trailers for Sale from Carolina Cat

Browse our available selection of used trailers for sale and start your next project with confidence. Contact our team today for more information about our used trailers and other products.

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