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Used wheel loaders for sale can minimize the operating costs of your company and add value to your existing fleet. Wheel loaders — also known as front-end loaders — load and move materials such as dirt, snow, or gravel. The front end often features a bucket but can even have various attachments. With specific features to increase productivity, integrated tool carriers also give you the flexibility to perform multiple tasks.

Because of hydraulic quick couplers, you can change attachments with ease, making wheel loaders one of the most versatile heavy equipment machines in the industry.

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Buying used integrated tool carriers from Carolina Cat doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality as we test and service each piece of equipment. Our inventory includes a complete range of products and equipment accessories, and we ensure everything you need is in stock and ready for fast delivery. We also employ experts who are capable of locating older equipment and hard-to-find specialty items.

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