2023 Greensboro Open House

Posted on: May 23, 2023

The Carolina Cat Open House in Greensboro on May 11, 2023, created waves of excitement, bringing industry professionals, customers, and the community together to celebrate our updated compact shop. With over 100 attendees, two local popular food trucks, abundant sunshine, engaging conversations, and an array of captivating activities, the event showcased Carolina Cat’s commitment to providing exceptional service and innovative solutions to our valued customers.  The event featured an equipment rodeo, allowing our attendees to experience the prowess of Carolina Cat’s top-of-the-line machinery. The Cat simulator experience, along with valuable interactions with SITECH, CVA, and Parts teams, added to the day’s success.

A Vibrant Gathering

The Carolina Cat Open House exceeded expectations with a remarkable turnout of over 100 attendees, comprised of industry professionals, customers, and members of the local community. Against a backdrop of clear skies and warm sunshine, the event buzzed with energy and excitement.  This vibrant gathering was a testament to the strong relationships that Carolina Cat has built within the industry, and our commitment to fostering connections.

Updated Compact Shop

A significant highlight of the Carolina Cat Open House was the unveiling of the updated compact shop. This enhanced facility reflects Carolina Cat’s commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation and continuously improving the customer experience. With upgraded tools, equipment, and a more streamlined layout, the compact shop ensures efficient and reliable service for all compact equipment needs. The unveiling showcased Carolina Cat’s dedication to meeting the evolving demands of the industry and reaffirmed our status as a trusted partner for all construction and power equipment needs.

Engaging Activities and Experiences

The equipment rodeo was a hit as attendees marveled at the impressive display of Carolina Cat’s machinery. The event showcased the cutting-edge equipment that has made Carolina Cat a trusted name in the industry. Visitors were given the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the capabilities of these machines, further solidifying their confidence in Carolina Cat’s offerings.

For those seeking a different kind of adventure, the Cat simulator provided a thrilling experience. Attendees had the chance to test their skills and get a taste of what it’s like to operate heavy machinery in a safe and controlled environment. The simulator left participants with a newfound appreciation for the precision and expertise required in the industry.

The event also offered valuable face-to-face interactions with several teams within Carolina Cat. Attendees engaged with SITECH to explore the latest advancements in construction technology. The CVA team provided insights into comprehensive fleet management solutions, enabling customers to optimize their operations. Moreover, our parts team was readily available to address questions and showcase the wide range of genuine Cat parts available.


The Carolina Cat Open House in Greensboro on May 11 was a resounding success, bringing together industry professionals, customers, and the community in a day filled with celebration and connection. From the engaging equipment rodeo to the immersive Cat simulator experience, attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand Carolina Cat’s unwavering commitment to excellence. The interactions with SITECH, CVA, and Parts provided valuable insights and further strengthened Carolina Cat’s reputation as a comprehensive solutions provider. The unveiling of the updated compact shop showcased our dedication to staying ahead of the curve. The Carolina Cat Open House was not just an event; it was a testament to Carolina Cat’s commitment to our customers and the industry.