Cat® Dozer Name Change

Posted on: August 07, 2020

Caterpillar® is known for changing the game with their dozers – but now, these industry-leading machines are getting some upgraded names as well. The nomenclature change is being implemented in an effort to simplify the names of the machines. Now, the dozers have titles that drop the letter suffixes following the numbers. Additionally, the number within the machine title correlates to the horsepower of the machine.

Cat Dozer Names

Here is a breakdown of the dozer name changes from Caterpillar and the machines’ corresponding horsepower:

  • D1 (previously D3K): 75 hp+
  • D2 (previously D4K): 85 hp+
  • D3 (previously D5K): 100 hp+

  • D4 (previously D6K): 125 hp+
  • D5 (previously D6N): 160 hp+
  • D6 (previously D6T): 200 hp+
  • D7 (previously D7E): 240 hp+

  • D8 (previously D8T): 320 hp+
  • D9 (previously D9T): 405 hp+
  • D10 (previously D10T): 600 hp+
  • D11 (previously D11T): 850 hp+

Why Did Cat Dozer Model Numbers Change?

The Cat dozer name change is an effort to simplify the naming process — making the labels easy to identify and understand.

The new naming system also makes the three basic groups of Cat dozers clearer. The first group is the small dozers for low-duty loads — D1, D2 and D3. The second group consists of the medium-sized, dual-purpose dozers used for heavy dozing and finish grading — D4, D5, D6 and D7. Large, heavy-push dozers make up the third group — D8, D9, D10 and D11.

The company’s goal is to eventually simplify the nomenclature of all their equipment, with dozers being the latest type to change.

When Will the Dozer Names Officially Change?

The dozer names will change over a gradual rollout period. Once Caterpillar redesigns or upgrades each size class, every machine will get a new name.

A few suffixes will also remain with the new name changes. For example, the D7E and the D6 XE will retain their alphabetical suffixes because of their unique hybrid diesel-electric powertrains. The low ground pressure (LGP) tag will also remain on models with wider tracks. Eventually, you may also see the “GC” moniker on dozers to denote basic models with less technology and a lower price point.

Suffixes on Cat dozer names previously designated different feature sets. Now, you’ll need to know the serial number or year-model number to know which have been updated. Cat dozers are usually redesigned every two to five years. For more minor updates, a serial number break may occur. For major changes or new product introductions, there will be a full serial number prefix.

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