Why Generator Fluid Analysis Is an Essential Planned Maintenance Service

Posted on: July 15, 2020

Fluid analysis provides essential information about your generator’s internal health without having to take the machine apart. At Carolina Cat, we offer high-quality fluid analysis and maintenance services that will help keep your machine running in top condition.

Learn more about our maintenance services for your power generation equipment below.

What Is Fluid Analysis for Your Generator?

Our generator fluid analysis service consists of testing your generator’s vital fluids to identify any problems with its major components before they cause a decline in performance. The three main areas of testing include:


An oil analysis can detect contaminants such as glycol, water and dirt, as well as signs of wear. Oil testing options include cleanliness, contamination, spectral analysis percent fuel and condition.


Fuel tests reveal the overall fuel quality and identify any bacteria or fungus buildup, which can plug your fuel filter.


Coolant testing assesses the fluid’s chemical structure to determine whether it has the right balance for maximum performance and efficiency. We can perform basic coolant testing to identify these levels or a comprehensive analysis that includes the coolant’s effects on the cooling system.

Why Is a Generator Fluid Analysis Important?

A generator fluid analysis is an important process for the health and longevity of your machine. These fluid tests provide information about your generator that you wouldn’t get from a regular maintenance check, which can help identify and fix issues before they become major problems. Fluid analysis is also highly accurate and can be performed without taking apart your generator, which reduces downtime.

What Benefits Does It Provide?

There are many benefits to generator fluid analysis and maintenance, including:

  • Improved performance. Making sure your fluids are properly balanced at the right levels will help you get the best performance from your generator.
  • Longevity. Good fluid health will enable your generator to last longer, so you get the most out of your investment.
  • Cost-savings. With regular fluid analysis and maintenance, you can address issues before they develop into significant problems to save money on operating costs and repairs.

What Can Happen if You Don’t Use a Generator Fluid Analysis Service?

If you don’t invest in generator fluid analysis service, you run the risk of experiencing major problems with your generator that could have been easily identified and fixed with fluid analysis and maintenance. Major problems with your generator are likely to result in expensive repairs and unplanned downtime, which can add up to significant costs for your operation.

Carolina Cat can help you easily prevent these issues. We provide thorough and comprehensive fluid analysis testing to give you a full picture of your generator’s internal health, and we have the expertise to address any issues we may find. With our accurate testing and exceptional maintenance services, we will help you save money and enhance your generator’s performance.

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