Renting Equipment for Concrete Applications

Posted on: April 23, 2020

Renting vs. buying concrete equipment is always a big question.

As a construction site manager, engineer or cement contractor, how do you know when renting is ideal compared to purchasing equipment? Although it’s not always a black and white answer, renting often gives you more benefits.

The Carolina Cat Rental Store offers a vast selection of concrete tool rentals that cover the requirements of almost any job at hand. Our top-quality concrete solutions from Caterpillar® and allied equipment brands ensure your operations remain productive and safe.

Are Masonry Tool Rental Solutions Ideal for You?

When your projects demand concrete machinery, tools and equipment, your best bet is to partner with the professionals who deliver reliable, top-tier rentals.

Depending on how long you need the unit, you can opt for daily, weekly, monthly or long-term rentals.

Renting can help you overcome challenges on the worksite and gives you access to temporary solutions, whether you need a concrete buggy rental for three months or a core drill for one week. You can choose from various makes, models and sizes that accommodate your applications, helping you remain productive with minimum downtime.

One of the most significant ways renting can support your operations is by keeping you on top of strict deadlines. If you don’t know what equipment you need or for how long, you can rely on the experts for guidance.

Advantages of Renting Concrete Tools

Buying equipment and tools isn’t always a viable solution if you need machinery for particular situations, such as:

  • Broken down machines
  • One-off projects
  • Short-term jobs
  • Testing before buying

Renting is also ideal when your fleet doesn’t have the correct equipment for the job. In some situations, it doesn’t make sense to add another machine to the lineup. Instead of putting your current equipment — and workers — at risk and using machines outside their capabilities, renting a concrete tool can take off the pressure.

Even if you’re starting a company from the ground up and need to build the business’s foundation first, renting can give you a running start.

Renting is a cost-effective solution compared to buying new or used when you don’t need the machine long-term. When you have the tools you require for large or streamlined tasks, your operations gain many benefits. Renting advantages include:

  • Boosts worksite flexibility
  • Cuts out maintenance
  • Drops long-term expenses
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Gives you access to a fleet of tools and machines
  • No storage costs
  • Offers a low upfront cost
  • Reduces risks

Rentals support commercial concrete contractors, smaller construction businesses, masonry companies and a range of industries that rely on specialized solutions.

Concrete Masonry Equipment for Rent

While buying equipment is beneficial in some cases, renting allows you to work with efficient and effective tools right off the bat. You don’t have to wait until the new machine arrives. Instead, you can pick up the concrete machine or get it delivered to your site. Working with a trusted dealer that stocks the equipment you need helps you get to work faster.

Whether you need a core drill rental for a specialty project or a concrete buggy rental in response to an emergency, you’ll have a range of equipment at your service.

  • Breakers: Also known as an electric jackhammer, breakers demolish large concrete slabs. They’re more heavy-duty compared to rotary drills and demo hammers and can bust columns, slabs and walls.
  • Buckets: In various industries, a concrete bucket delivers large amounts of concrete to different jobsite locations. It’s a massive tool attached to a crane and has gates at the bottom to pour exact amounts of concrete.
  • Buggies: Renting a buggy will make your work a million times easier. Instead of manually lugging slabs of concrete, the motorized machines can transport and dump concrete — along with other materials like debris, gravel and sand — to clear your workspace.
  • Core drills: Not every project needs a core drill, so when you have that one-off job spring upon you, renting is your best bet. Core drills can form holes several inches in diameter, with some units using wet drilling methods.
  • Grinders: When high spots, epoxy coatings, rough surfaces and mastics are present, you can tackle them with a walk-behind grinder.
  • Handheld cut-off saws: Cut-off saws allow you to penetrate some of the hardest materials.
  • Mixers: A towable concrete mixer rental enables you to transport the assembly from one site to the next with ease. The high-capacity models are available in a range of sizes to keep your productions moving.
  • Vibrators: Electric and gas concrete vibrators are available for rent when you’re pouring columns, foundation walls and other applications that demand consolidated concrete. Vibrators get rid of air bubbles to warrant proper solidification.
  • Walk-behind concrete saws: While portable saws can make short cuts through concrete, walk-behind solutions allow you to cut prolonged and deep incisions. It’s an accurate and efficient way to cut concrete.

Renting premium tools and modern technologies reduces downtime and keeps your bottom line steady.

Questions to Consider Before Renting

If renting concrete tools seems like the ideal solution for your business, consider these factors to ensure you receive a solution that matches your expectations. Several elements to confirm with the professionals include:

  • Availability hours
  • Billing procedures
  • Extra fees
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Pickup and delivery times
  • Renting rates
  • Response time for faulty equipment
  • Return policies
  • Size of the concrete equipment fleet
  • Types of brands offered

Having a set of questions ready will give you an idea of what to expect and how the experts can assist your concrete equipment needs.

Renting Concrete Tools From Carolina Cat

Carolina Cat delivers superior concrete equipment for rent, and we also offer service, parts and sales solutions. Our application experts serve you with high-value equipment that provides solutions if you need an emergency machine or a tool for a short-term project. Our reliable products and services instill confidence and comfort as we strive to build positive and long-term relationships with you.

Rent Cat® equipment from us or connect with our support team. We go the extra mile to provide you with a superior concrete rental solution while ensuring you have the answers you need.

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